Commited to Responsible, Transparent, and Quality breeding of

Hypoallergenic Pets, Service Dogs, and Emotional Support Animals

We are truly "graced" with our mission.

Our Goldendoodles are genetically tested, ethically bred, and cherished members of our family. The puppies prenatal care, pregnancy, and birth through 8-weeks of development take place at our home surrounded by love, children, and their dog parents! We follow the Puppy Culture Curriculum of socialization and reinforce that "the world is safe, people are kind, and other dogs are friendly"." Shaping temperament from the moment of birth is a valuable part of our program.

We do not ship or deliver dogs, and request that in emergency situations, the dog be returned to us and NEVER placed in a shelter. Our geographic area (NJ & NY) makes finding hypoallergenic pets a challenge, and is directly related to the number of puppy-mills in PA and surrounding areas that ship pets to busy working families that may be overwhelmed by the pet-finding process.

Adopting a new lifelong companion is a serious and expensive endeavor that should also be fun and exciting! You shouldn't have to guess what a puppy will look like in person or hope their lives aren't shortened through inherited disease. We thrive on transparency and honesty and take our reputation very seriously. We would be privileged to help you find the perfect pup!

We just fostered a litter of BluePath Service Dog puppies that will train to serve autistic children. Our 0-8 week puppy curriculum was a valuable start to their life mission!

Ethical Breeding DOES NOT contribute to Shelter Population!

Learn about The Puppy Project

A Revolutionary Idea to End Puppy Mills

Graced with Doodles is constantly connecting with dog trainers in the area as well as non-profit groups to donate and provide hypoallergenic Service dogs and Emotional Support Animals. Our mission is to provide healthy and well-tempered companions that change the lives of people in our community.

Registered Breeders with The GoldenDoodle Association of America (GANA)

Registered Trainers with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)