About Us

Grace is a Nurse Anesthesiologist that now stays home with 3 children of her own (6, 8, and 9). Her specialty is Intensive care and OBGYN. She finds the similarities between dog and human pregnancies fascinating. Born in Dublin, Ireland, she has grown up watching her uncles run farms and helping bottle feed and breed mares, cows, Irish Setters and Border Collie's!

Dan is a surgeon who became a dog lover when he met our first Bichon puppy named Samantha over 10 years ago! He's a compassionate and talented doctor whose skills carry over into his passion for our dogs. He is a master at decoding genetics, reading sonograms, and rocking our puppies to sleep.

Why breed Multigenerational Goldendoodles?

With the use of genetic testing (we test all puppies and send home their paperwork for your records), there is no reason to use delineations like F1, F1b, etc. We breed for desirable traits, health concerns, coats and temperaments... and believe that certain dogs are a better fit for those characteristics. Please see our Health Testing page for more details of this!

How do you choose to price the pups?

Our prices meet the demand for Goldendoodles in the current market without taking into account the extra money and labor we dedicate to socialization and health. Breeders who rely on the business for income are producing puppy's at much higher numbers. Unfortunately, things like food quality, veterinary care, cleanliness, and training programs get overlooked. The brands of vaccines/dewormers they buy in bulk are less effective. The premises are often kennels that fuel coccidia, giardia, and livestock diseases.

Our dogs are our pets and family members. They are fed home-cooked eggs for breakfast, high quality PawTree kibble, given prenatal vitamins and long belly massages when pregnant, a heated whelping box that is kept immaculate, an ultrasound machine for constant monitoring, and so much more. Our dogs are ICA registered with AKC parents (Goldendoodles cannot be registered with the AKC), and we are registered with The Goldendoodle Association of America (GANA). We are constantly educating ourselves on best practices, are certified through GoodDog.com, and don't demand cash payments! Believe me - it's a long, sleep deprived two months when caring for 8-12 newborns in an attentive way! We simply love what we do.