Ready to join our GWD Family? Here's how!

All good things come to those who wait, and we are worth the wait!


1. Sign up below to receive information if and when we have a newly available puppy (If you have a reservation fee on the master list, you will always be notified before EVERYONE else). More often than you would believe; things change, people face difficult circumstances and/or forfeit their spot!

2. Pay a reservation fee (up to 8 month wait IF nothing becomes available beforehand)

3. Check back soon!

Master List Options:

Standard Goldendoodle $3,500

Moyen Goldendoodle $3,500

Mini Goldendoodle $4,200

Current Wait Times:

Flexibility and patience is needed when working with mother nature! We are not able to take inventory or special orders while also focusing on the health and temperament of our dogs :-)

We will be very transparent with everything.

going on and frequent updates.

Our anticipated wait time is 6-8 months.

Current Predicted Litter Go-Home dates:

Standard Goldendoodles (Red, Apricot): November 2021 Ada *no spots*

Small Standards Englishdoodles (cream, apricot, and red) Macie - Feb/March 2022

Mini English Goldendoodles (cream, apricot, and red) - February/March 2022 (Lulu's litter - 20-30 lbs) *no spots*

Our Process:

1. Pay a non-refundable $500 reservation fee (goes toward final puppy price)

2. Choose which Master list you want to be on by filling out the electronic reservation agreement form.

3. Wait for an email confirming list and payment confirmation

4. Wait to be notified via email about new lists opening up based on your selected Master list

5. Respond within 72 hours if you want to get on the offered reservation list AS LITTERS ARE BORN.

6. You will not be removed from the Master list until you choose a puppy.


Everyone stays on the Master list in order of reservation fee received and or date of request until they take home a puppy! You are NEVER "bumped down."

Those who change their mind about size, litter, etc are able to join other lists indefinitely. Just understand... you will go to the bottom of the new list.

To summarize: Place on the Master List depends on EITHER date of deposit OR Choice of list. Non-deposit waitlist will be available to purchase puppies that have not been picked up on pickup day (it happens!) and have access to other last-minute options.

For example, if you want a Mini Goldendoodle, you would select to be on the Master Mini Goldendoodle list. You will be placed on that Master list based on the date of reservation fee received (and/or date of request, if you choose to switch Master lists). Let's say you are #15. When we confirm a pregnancy with a litter that produces F1 Minis, you will receive an email with those details. You have 72 hours to confirm in order to be placed in order of the Master list. If you reply after the 72 hours you will then be placed on the list based on the date of request.

If no one above you wanted this particular list, you could be #2 on the list (we always take spot #1). On the other hand, if you replied after the 72-hour time frame, and everyone above you and a few below you wanted on the list, you could be placed at #17, let's say (since after 72 hours, it goes in the order of date of request).

If you are on a reservation list (confirmed pregnancy) and get notified of another opening, you can choose to leave your first list and move to your second.

You can only be on ONE reservation list, but you will still keep your Master list spot until you take home a puppy. You can choose at any time to change your mind and move to a different confirmed pregnancy list that has been established, but you will be placed according to date of request and not by date of reservation fee received.

We will not bump you down if others change their mind either. Moving to a list within the 72-hour timeframe of your “new list opened” email notification is the only way to be placed according to reservation fee received.

***You will move up the Master list when those above you choose a puppy.***

Provided with Each Litter

*their own webpage (not accessible to the public)

*videos of school work/puppy curriculum

*a private Flickr album where our goal is to provide 300-500 pictures in 8 weeks

*a video of each pup performing the same puppy evaluation (and a score card with explanations) - given before selecting your puppy

*3 sets of vaccinations, deworming protocol, 30 days free health insurance and health guarantee

*A snuggle puppy with heartbeat, reference book, grooming supplies, a slip-leash, 25% discount to a world-class online training program, and other fun items!

Ensuring you are part of this journey is so important to us!

The Goldendoodle

The goldendoodle is a cross between the Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They generally do not shed and are wonderful family and life companions. We breed with high standards and use only parents whom have been health and temperament tested. Goldendoodles are active, intelligent and eager to please. Golden's tend to be tender hearted and very tolerant of unpredictable handling. They are a top choice for family companions, therapy dogs and for many service dog organizations.

Standard/Medium Temperament: We carefully select our parents based on temperament and health, so that good traits are passed down to their offspring. Standard Goldendoodles are gentle and affectionate. They are highly trainable and incredibly intelligent. They have an innate ability to read human emotions and attach very deeply to their families/owner. They are working dogs and require training, exercise and mental stimulation. It is imperative that they are a part of your family and not a dog that is kept outside looking in.

Mini Temperament: Mini Goldendoodles are fun loving, alert and sprightly. The Toy poodle is loyal and sensitive to loud sounds and human emotions. They are intelligent and easy to train. Coupled with the golden retrievers gentle nature and easy going personality the mini doodle is gaining popularity with those that prefer a smaller dog.

Weight: Standard/Medium Goldendoodles weight between 45-75 lbs. Mini's range b/n 20-40.

Grooming: Goldendoodles require regular grooming. Brushing daily in between grooming appointments is best. They are prone to matting.

Health: Goldendoodles live 10-15 years and common ailments are ear infections, food intolerances and allergies. Cancer is very common in Golden Retreiver lines, making our beloved Goldendoodles predisposed to cancer. English Goldendoodles, however, have a 40% LOWER chance of generalized cancers.

Coat Types

Straight Coat: Like a Golden Retriever, this coat may have a slight wave to it. They do not blow their coat like a Golden Retriever, but can and do shed. Grooming: Easy to groom--a simple brush will suffice. May not need professional grooming.

Wavy Coat: This coat is very low to non-shedding. In general, most people with allergies are fine with a wavy coat. People tend to call this the "teddy bear" coat. Grooming: The best of both worlds. Easy to maintain in-between professional grooming. Generally soft to the touch.

Curly Coat: This coat will be similar to the poodle coat and will not shed. This coat generally will not affect allergies.

Grooming: A poodle coat--curly and fleecy. While they don't shed, they still have to lose their hair. You will not see it around your house because it sticks in the coat and mats easily.